Ancient Harmony Treatments



Involves the insertion of thin, sterile, single-use needles into specific acupuncture points selected by the practitioner or are placed in areas of pain, tenderness, or loss of function. The insertion of acupuncture needles elicits a therapeutic response and promotes the body’s natural ability to heal mentally, physically, and emotionally. In TCM, the body is fueled by a network of connected energy systems known as channels or meridians. These channels are dependent on one another in regard to energy flow. Iff one of them is imbalanced, they will all be affected and lead to further disharmony in the body and more physical, mental, and emotional complaints.

Cold Laser Therapy

This is also known as low level light therapy. It has many clinical applications and is a tool gaining popularity among both Eastern and Western Medicine. More and more research is being done on this device with many promising discoveries being found. The light therapy continues to work for days after treatment and helps bring down inflammation, promotes tissue regeneration to speed wound healing, and helps circulation. 


This involves glass or silicone cups which are suctioned to the skin to pull out toxins and alleviate musculoskeletal discomfort. In TCM it is believed that disruptive, stuck energy is pulled from the skin and muscle layer to facilitate healing. Bruising may result from this treatment.


Also referred to as “moxa,” and involves burning a Chinese Herb – Artemisiae Argyi (Mugwort) over the skin to provide penetrating warmth which has a gentle moving property. This is a great way to warm digestion and to move Qi and Blood to alleviate pain. It is also beneficial for ear infections and swollen lymph nodes.

Gua Sha

A liniment is applied to the skin and then gently scraped (with decent pressure!) with a gua sha tool. This process gets new fresh blood to the area and moves the stagnant old blood to the surface. Similar to cupping, the intention is to release toxins and stuck detrimental energy from the tissues. The first couple gua sha treatments a patient receives often bruise the skin.

Tui Na Massage

This is Chinese style massage in which a variety of hand techniques are utilized including grasping, round rubbing, percussion techniques, pressing, and rolling. Specific points are incorporated based on the needs of the patient.

Sound Healing

Tuning forks are used to stimulate specific points to balance the acupuncture meridians and energetic chakras of the body.  Sound resonance penetrates every cell of the body and results in an energy shift toward balance.  This is a very effective tool for ADD/ADHD, other behavioral complaints and spectrum disorders, sleep disturbance, pain, and for patients who do not want needles used in his or her treatment.

Trace Element Hair Analysis (phone consultations available)

This provides an invaluable look at the mineral profile of the body. Hair samples are taken from new hair growth and sent to Trace Elements Laboratory in Addison, TX for analysis (must wait 6 weeks after color treating or perms). The report includes the mineral profile as well as dietary and supplement recommendations to balance the mineral ratios. Mineral balance is extremely important for overall health. In a sense, our minerals serve as “keys to the endocrine system”. Each endocrine gland has a mineral at the core initiating proper function for that gland. Or it doesn’t have that mineral, in which case it isn’t operating optimally. For the thyroid it’s Iodine, the thymus it’s Zinc, the testes and ovaries it’s Manganese, for the parathyroid it’s Calcium, the adrenals it’s Potassium. An issue with any of of those glands could simply be the result of a mineral deficiency or imbalance. Many people can actually be causing further imbalances by the supplements they are taking daily.

Chinese Herbal Therapy

Specific herbal formulas are prepared as needed for patients based on his or her Chinese Medicine pattern of disharmony. For any given complaint, there are numerous different formulas that could be administered. It is very important to select a formula specific for your pattern, not just one indicated for the complaint, Chinese herbs are very powerful and it is important to work with a practitioner trained in Chinese herbs when using them. For example, for headaches there are numerous different formulas that are indicated to treat headaches in general. Formula selection will depend on the root of the disharmony: if it is a wind cold, or due to Blood deficiency, or due to Liver Qi stagnation, these are all treated most effectively using a different formula. Chinese herbs can be prepared as water decoctions (tea), taken as capsules, or as alcohol or vegetable glycerin tinctures. Most kids absolutely love the vegetable glycerin tinctures, they are quite sweet and delicious, and the good news is that vegetable glycerin does not lead to spikes in blood sugar like most sweet things.

Dietary Counseling

The principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (and many other traditional cultures across the globe) are followed for dietary recommendations based on the properties of food and how they relate to the patient’s Traditional Chinese Medicine pattern of disharmony. In TCM, there isn’t any single diet ideal for everyone.

Phone Consultations

Chinese herbal consults and hair analysis consults can be done over the phone. For new patients, the necessary paperwork will need to be filled out and submitted prior to the consult, along with a photo of the tongue.  This may seem strange; the reason is that the tongue is the only muscle of the body that we can see and it provides great insight on the Traditional Chinese Medicine pattern.